Ramesh Upadhya – Chairman and Managing Director

A professional with more than 35 years of experience has transformed into a dynamic entrepreneur to steer Rolex Logistics to evolve as a logistics powerhouse.

This entrepreneur began his journey in 1991 during the onset of MNCs into India. With his domain knowledge he supported major MNCs in handling Critical services logistics, through transparent operations and ethical Business practices. Today he stands tall as the epitome of businessman in the eyes of the MNCs and has envisioned expanding his experience to global brands. With his vast experience in different fields of materials Management , legal and statutory compliance management and commercials, has guided and enabled MNCs to think and work differently to implement their plan with flexibility to penetrate into Indian market in compliance with laws of the land.

Being receptive to new ideas and solutions and with help of his business acumen has been Instrumental in aiding major MNCs set up their operations in India for trading and post sales support by offering IOR / EOR services and shouldering entire responsibility of compliance for movement of goods till the end of total transaction cycle . MNC’s have availed his management expertise of spare part imports, Distribution meeting all customs ,VAT compliances.

Partnering with International Lead Logistics Providers, expanded reach across 21 states in India. Encouraged by success in providing international quality services in Logistics ventured into areas of facility management, man power outsource, technical repair centers under single window services. Simultaneously sharing the knowledge to the team, spreading the message of professionalism, Transparency and business ethics.

Keeps abreast of all the statutory norms. Has facilitated MNCs to open its shop in India to do their business of sales and Post sales service support.


The man responsible for the bottom line is meticulous planner, capable of delivering under stress. With sheer accounting acumen he has a penchant for reducing the overheads and ensuring the profitability, with more than 34 years of experience in the finance domain, he contributes to Rolex Logistics to grow consistently, to lead towards a corporate level.

He believes in delegation to encourage subordinates to participate actively in the management.

He motivates senior staff to be 2nd leader to specialize in all the subjects.

  • Propelling the growth through an expending list of satisfied clientele.
  • A man looks beyond 24 *7 and is a clear think tank on systems and process.
  • Overseas compliance to Customs, VAT, Service Tax and other local levies


With vast knowledge and experience of 20 years on material management, inventory control keeps business going meeting all the requirements. He is cost conscious person, adding values to the transaction costs. He ensures process are implemented and monitored across country. Keeps his team well trained and informed about updates. He is prompt at materials control and arrangements as per the international standards specified. Has an eye for perfection and consistently strives to better his performance and that of his team.


With vast experience of 25 years in vendor development, liason, HR coordination, Follow-up activities, .

He is highly energetic, focused, determined and hard working in making his team deliver the quality output within defined time frame. A man who believes that perfection is the least one has to deliver. He has multi view points to ascertain to decide before results are achieved. By going into customers shoes to understand the customer’s requirement he tailor makes the process accordingly. He optimally utilizes IT infrastructure up gradation and technology to work towards automation.