Our unique value proposition of ’Business at zero risk’ enables potential clients/MNCs who are interested to commerce operation in the diverse country to setup operations literally at zero risk, without going through the hassles of documentation, Govt formalities, IEC code etc., as Rolex Logistics takes over the complete operations from the word ‘go’ green signal, to ensure smooth operations across India to achieve set goals of MNC.

Rolex Logistics multi tasking operation which begins with IOR/EOR (Importer on record)to return re-export of defectives or repair turnaround is being recognized as USP having no competitors, for its total transaction cycle solution, covering all states in India with complete track on central/ state statutory compliance.

Rolex Logistics is open to joint partnership with companies who are planning to expand their operations in SEA, south Asia/ASEAN through transparency of operations to build a synergic partnership.

If you are one of a kind who has the skills to organize, orient and direct work. Willing to take on challenges. Has the capability to interface with team and the clients, then, just reach us at the contact mentioned below.